Thank you for your interest in (or purchase of) PantsProp – a suspenders and shirt stay alternative!

PantsProp is designed to be used with your favorite belt or pants equipped with side adjusters. Once installed in the proper location on your shirt, PantsProp will create a slight ridge for your pants waistline to sit upon.

What’s In The Box?

How To Use / Install PantsProp

1. A Note About Installation

PantsProp (v3) is made from a very soft silicone-like material. This allows the rings to stretch quite a bit around either end of the base. Also, the base is quite pliable. This further allows the rings to be installed easier.

2. Positioning PantsProp On Shirt

First, remove the silicone ring from each base.

I recommend attaching PantsProp to each side of your shirt (around the seam line), right below where your pants waistline will sit. Though, feel free to attach it wherever you find works best for you.

Basic installation steps:

Pro Tip: In some cases in may be easier to mark the location on your shirt where you want to install PantsProp, remove your shirt and install it. One (very happy) customer uses tape to mark locations on the back of his shirt. Check out his full PantsProp review here.

3. Use Ring To Secure PantsProp

After positioning the base around the side-seam of your shirt on the inside, secure the base to the shirt using the ring on the outside of your shirt.

For Easiest Installation:

4. Position Pants Waistline Just Above PantsProp

Once you’ve secured PantsProp to your shirt, position your pants waistline just above PantsProp on both sides. If you find that your pants are sitting too high (or low), simply reposition PantsProp as needed.

PantsProp Installation: Lift waistline of pants just above PantsProp
Installation: Lift waistline of pants just above PantsProp

5. Fasten Your Belt (We’re Ready For Takeoff)

Now, just fasten your belt. The bottom of your belt should be positioned right above the top ridge of PantsProp.

Pro Tip: Some PantsProp customers have found that wearing elastic/stretch belts are more effective & comfortable than wearing standard belts.

Fasten belt - PantsProp creates a slight ridge
PantsProp approximate location – creates a slight ridge

You’re All Set…

While most products won’t entirely eliminate the possibility of your pants falling down or shirts staying tucked, I do hope PantsProp will minimize it from happening to you.

Have more questions?

Be sure to check out the FAQ, or drop me a line. Any and all feedback welcome!

Thank you once again.

– Mike