Why Some People Need PantsProp

When asked why they’re looking for a solution to help keep their pants/trousers from falling down, or shirts tucked, here is what some people said:

Looking for alternative to shirt stays.


When I lean over, my stomach pushes my pants down – feels like the top of my butt is exposed. Plus, my shirt comes untucked.

– Amanda

I’m a bigger guy with no butt to hold my pants up!

– Beau

Well, actually it’s my boyfriend who I’d like to try it on. He can’t find a pair of pants that will stay up and his rear end is always hanging out.

– Cassi

My trousers won’t stay up. My waist is bigger than my butt so the other belt types won’t work. Since my waist is bigger than my butt the belt type products on Amazon won’t help much.

– Ted

I have always had a issue with my pants falling down. So much It has caused issues with me in my job and personal life. Regardless of my weight it seems. I have lost over 100lbs in the last year and still have the issue. I have bought special belts, wear super tight jeans, and even got underwear with butt pads in them and still no luck. Please I could use the help. Help me, help you! I know I’m not alone in the no butt crowd.

– Bill

Trouble keeping trousers up, even with a belt. Suspenders work, but lower fasteners tend to pop off, especially when sitting.

– Bruce

Champagne problem. I have a very narrow waist and despite buying “extra slim” shirts, they still tend to bunch up and pants consistently seem to fall down as well-most likely due to not having much of a butt.

– Jorge


I have a very flat behind and my trousers literally slip off me at work every 14.8 seconds of movement I make. I have to keep my polo shirt tucked in, and what’s worse is the shirts are made of a very smooth material so my trousers slide down even more. I have tried shirt stays and various methods to keep my shirt tucked in and my pants up, but it’s a never ending war.

– Joe

While moving around and weight shifting in my wheelchair, my pants tend to slide down. After a sliding board transfer out of the car, my pants are pulled down and I have to loosen my belt and work at pulling them up right there in the parking lot. It is very important to me that my pants stay up because of the exhaustive effort it takes to pull them back up every time they pull down.

– Clarence

I’m a prime example of one demographic that needs this product. I’m a hair over 6’3”, 195 lbs with a slim, athletic build. Clothes are hard enough to find that fit me well and throw in my long body, it’s very easy for my shirt to come untucked.

– Scott

I’ve struggled with these issues forever. I’ve tried all commercial options plus plenty of my own ideas. I even attached my work shirts to extra pairs of underwear at one point to create a romper type of thing. It worked keeping my tucked-in look, but my trousers still slid down. I’m an airline pilot and wear my uniform all the time.

– Gary

My stomach has expanded, but my butt and thighs have not. I find I am always tightening my belt but still my pants slip down. Once, in a very embarrassing place ????.

– Stan

I’m a bigger guy with a belly, so the sides of my dress shirts come out all day and I’m consistently tucking them in and my dress pants fall down all the time.

– Eric

I dress up every day for work, and my job (a pharmaceutical rep) requires a lot of moving around. Keeping a shirt tucked is a constant struggle.

– Britt

My father’s trousers literally fall off. Suspenders are uncomfortable for him.

– Andrea
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