PantsProp is small, discreet, body-friendly clothing accessory designed to help keep your pants from falling down. It can also be used to keep your shirt tucked. PantsProp is an alternative to suspenders and shirt stays. 

The current shipping version is just a little taller than a U.S. quarter.

Specs: Height: 1.18″ (30mm) x Thickness: 0.75″ (19mm)

For those with a petite or average body type, or for individuals who wear fitted clothing, be on the look-out for second version of PantsProp that is lower profile.

For those with a larger belly, smaller hips, no butt, or a combination of them all, it can be quite challenging to keep your pants up wearing a belt alone. Also, if you’re not a fan of suspenders, PantsProp can be a great alternative.

Also, anyone who loathes wearing shirt stays, PantsProp can be a great alternative as well.

Here are some of the top reasons why people need PantsProp.

PantsProp attaches to your shirt or undershirt, and creates a small ridge for your pants waistline to sit upon. Then when you fasten your belt, the ridge should help keep your pants up or shirts tucked. It can be used as an alternative to suspenders or shirt stays.

Attach one on either side of your shirt (left/right) or undershirt near the bottom. The top of the PantsProp should line up with just below your belt line. Some customers report that installing PantsProp on either side of the back of the shirt works well too.

For more information, please see the PantsProp instructions page.

Each box contains (1) set of PantsProp, which is (2) bases and (2) rings.

One PantsPal set (2 pieces) should be enough to keep your pants from falling down. Of course, you may add additional ones as/if needed.

PantsProp is best used with your favorite belt, or pants equipped with side adjusters.

Many customers report that wearing a stretch (i.e. elastic) belt works better with PantsProp and is more comfortable than wearing a typical belt.

Absolutely! PantsProp attaches securely to the bottom of your shirt, and has a high enough profile to work through jeans. Just pair PantsProp with your favorite belt, and you’ll be good to go! 

PantsProp has not yet been fully tested on all types of heavier shirts. Are you brave enough to be the first heavy-shirt tester? Let me know!

You sure can. PantsProp is made with soft silicone-like material — no metal at all. So, not only are they body-friendly, you won’t find yourself being unnecessarily frisked by security (unless that’s your thing).

Most certainly! For those that don’t like wearing shirt stays, PantsProp can be a great alternative. Pair with your favorite belt, and you’re good to go.

PantsProp used in conjunction with your favorite belt should reduce the chance that your shirts will come untucked while playing golf. Regarding big swings & keeping your golf shirt tucked — well, that’s a bit of a tall order 🙂

With PantsProp installed, and a proper fitting belt, if you make a big golf swing, on the upward motion your shirt will stretch vertically. If your shirt has no vertical stretch, then the grip that PantsProp provides will either bring your trousers or shorts up with your golf shirt, or there will be too much force, and there is a possibility that your shirt will come untucked slightly. If your shirt has some vertical stretch, like many Polos have, then the chance of your golf shirt coming untucked will be lower.

Some customers have reported that using PantsProp in conjunction with a stretch / elastic belt performs better and is more comfortable than when using a traditional belt. While I’m still searching for a stretch dress belt that looks nice and stretches as much as I want, I am currently using this stretch belt from Amazon, and I quite like the overall functionality (and price).

Outside of using PantsProp to keep your shirts tucked while playing golf, the most popular other option would be to wear shirt stays. You can’t really wear them if you’re wearing shorts, unless you try wearing the garter-style shirt stays. Both styles of shirt stays (regular & garter) are available on Amazon.

PantsProp absolutely can be attached to an undershirt! This would be especially helpful when wearing an untucked shirt.

Shirt stays are by far the most popular and reliable way to keep your shirt tucked. However, not everyone likes to wear them.

PantsProp works in conjunction with your favorite belt, and can be a great alternative to shirt stays. Are they better? Well, let’s have you decide.

As the name implies, Magnetuck uses rubber-covered magnets to secure itself to the shirt. While the magnets are strong, they can still slide apart or fall off. Also, the rubber coated magnets are not as comfortable. Plus, they may set-off some TSA detectors.

PantsProp securely attaches to the shirt by attaching the ring around the base. It cannot slide apart. Also, PantsProp is made entirely from a very soft silicone-like material — no metal 🙂

While suspenders do a very good job of keeping pants up, most suspenders attach to the front and back of your pants, and are worn over your shirt — making them visible.

PantsProp attaches to the lower part of your shirt or undershirt, which is tucked into your pants and hidden from sight.

HIKERS hidden suspenders are worn underneath an untucked shirt. They attach to a belt loop in the back, and through the front button on your pants. You can wear them on your bare skin or over an undershirt. However, they cannot be worn when wearing a tucked in shirt.

PantsProp attaches to the lower part of your shirt or undershirt, which is tucked into your pants and hidden from sight. So, you can use PantsProp and tuck in your shirt!

PantsUp uses a band that is permanently attached to a silicone cube. It’s primarily designed to be attached to an undershirt. Also when attaching PantsUp to the undershirt, a portion of the undershirt must be bunched up.

PantsProp is made up of two soft silicone-like parts, instead of one. This minimizes shirt bunching. Plus you can attach PantsProp to any tucked in shirt, so it’s not necessary to wear an undershirt.

You may return your order within 30 days for a full refund. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees. If you’d like to be provided with a pre-paid return shipping label, the cost can be deducted from your refund.

Please drop me a line, and I’ll be happy to help.

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