Review: How To Keep Your Pants Up With PantsProp

Check out this PantsProp review from Tom, an early adopter who has had an ongoing problem of keeping his pants up — especially while playing golf.

HI Mike,

I gave the new design a complete testing yesterday while playing golf and also an even more thorough testing for most of this morning.

I wore different garments to see if they work the same with different materials. They do.

The results are that you have perfected the perfect solution for holding one’s pants up who has the “no butt’ problem.

Now, my testing was done with just the PantsProp in the front, the back, and with both [front and back]. I had the best results using a set in front and back, although, when I had them only in the back, they worked just fine. The front only didn’t work well for my particular shape as the pants would slide down from the back easily.

The new product is much easier to work with by far and eliminates the major problem of being too stiff.

You could now put them on the front while wearing the shirt, if you have marked the correct site to place them. I’ve tried a couple of ways to do this, one by placing a small piece of scotch tape in the spot or using a safety pin. The tape was the best way.

For me only, I will do the following each time I use the Props. I will put on the shirt and my pants and mark the spot under the waistband and belt. Then I take off the shirt and put the Props on using the larger one facing the outside of the shirt. (see pic). I do this for both the front and back.

My plan is to pre-load several shirts so all I have to do to play golf is to put on the shirt and I’m ready to go.

Anyway, I think you have a great product which will make my life a lot more enjoyable. I won’t have to keep tugging and pulling up my pants every few seconds.

I can’t thank you enough.

Also, when you have them in production, I would like to order 6 sets of two which will allow me to have three shirts ready to go all the time, especially on golf trips with the guys. If you are taking orders now, let me know and I’ll send you my credit card number to you.

Again, Mike, thank you so much. I wish you great success in your new endeavor.

– Tom
Install PantsProp on Polo: Keep pants from falling down
How Tom installed PantsProp on his Golf Polo.

Note: Although Tom installed PantsProp on the outside of his shirt, we recommend installing PantsProp on the INSIDE of your shirt.

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PantsProp assembly - helps keep pants from falling down

Check out PantsProp, the best way to keep your pants up and shirts tucked.